SCENTREPINOY® Business Online Course
SCENTREPINOY® Business Online Course
SCENTREPINOY® Business Online Course
ScentrePinoy Academy

SCENTREPINOY® Business Online Course

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The Complete Online Business Course to start your scented products business!

The Online Business Course is an intensive online course to help you PLAN, BUILD, AND GROW A SUCCESSFUL FRAGRANCE, HOME SCENTS AND CANDLE BUSINESS!

Our goal with this course is to help you build your dream business, set it up the right way and help you realize the dream life you've always imagined!

Start as soon as you can and go through the course at your own pace. The course is divided into 12 sections to give you time to digest, reflect and plan.  No live sessions on this course except after you finish the course and an option to book a one-on-one consultation at a discounted rate*.

Also included in the course: 

  • Downloadable manual / workbook
  • More than 6 different business templates for your business (Product Development, Investment Checklist, Product Costing Template, Proper Product Testing Guides, and more!)
  • More than 15 hours of recorded lectures
  • Fragrance101 : Basic Scent Blending Session (worth Php5,499)
  • Access to the private Facebook group exclusively for students


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This complete and comprehensive course includes topics and information spread out over 4 weeks so you have enough time to do some research, strategic thinking and doing. 
• Learn Basic Fragrance Knowledge and Basic Product Formulations
• Learn the basics of setting up your own profitable business including business registrations, lists of materials needed and sources / suppliers, investments checklist, proper handling & storage of materials, product development & selection, documentation and production best practices, product costing & pricing, basic labeling guidelines, and of course, product safety.
• Basic Branding, Marketing & Selling

Topics Covered:
• Industry Overview
• Identifying your Brand's Identity
• Identifying Your Target Market

• Basic Fragrance Knowledge including Fragrance Types & Product Applications, Fragrance Families, Overview of Aromatherapy
• Sourcing Materials
• Investments Needed to Start the Business
• Materials Handling & Storage
• Product Safety 
• Product Development Basics (Measurements, Recording Formulas)
• Proper Product Testing
• Scaling Up Production
• Product Costing & Pricing

• Basic Regulatory Requirements & Labelling Guidelines (Basic FDA Compliance)
• Marketing & Selling Your Products
• Fragrance FAQs
*90-min Online Consultation may be booked separately for an additional fee. You may reach out to after you have finished the course to book your Online Consultation.

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