Fragrance101: Basic Perfumery Online Course
Fragrance101: Basic Perfumery Online Course
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Fragrance101: Basic Perfumery Online Course

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This is the most comprehensive online Perfumery course you will find in the Philippines designed by professional perfumer and Certified Fragrance Specialist, Bernadette, also known as @thefragrancespecialist. 

Please note this is an ONLINE COURSE that you can access On-Demand, at your own time, for 60 days. Course extension can be purchased separately. There will be NO LIVE Workshops for this.

You will also get support from our private Facebook Group exclusively for ScentrePinoy students.

In this course, learn basic perfumery the professional way - beyond just diluting fragrance oils to make perfumes and colognes - but actually creating your own artistic blends, whether for a hobby or your business!

This is probably the most comprehensive course on Perfumery in the Philippines designed by a professional perfumer. A by-product of years of teaching basic perfumery for makers, hobbyists and interested entrepreneurs in the country, to give you the fundamentals / basics on fragrances and at the same time, give you a hands-on blending experience at the convenience of your own home.

Learning time: 5 to 6 hours plus videos over 4 hours!
Plus get support from the Facebook group for exclusively for students!

What's covered by the course?
From basic terminologies to suppliers, the course has it covered to help you create your own blends. It also serves as the perfect jump-off point if you'd like to start your own fragrance  or skincare brand!
• Learn the basic terminologies in perfumery
• Learn the different fragrance formulations
• Discover the fragrance wheel
• Create your own fragrance blend
• Create your own perfume and cologne
• Learn the different fragrance formulations

The course is divided into 5 digestible chapters.
Chapter 1: Introduction to Perfumery
  • History of Fragrances
  • Industry Overview
  • Aromatherapy & Perfumery
Chapter 2: Basic Fragrance Knowledge
  • Basic Fragrance Knowledge 
  • Fragrance Types & Product Applications
  • The Fragrance Pyramid & Families
Chapter 3: Before You Start Blending
  • Materials Needed & Costing
  • Measurements
  • Recording Your Formula / Labelling Guidelines
  • Safety Information
Chapter 4: Formulating Your Fragrances
  • Fragrance Formulations Introduction
  • Creating Your Fragrance Blend
  • Formulating Products: 
    • Alcohol-based Perfumes
    • Oil-based Perfumes
    • Alcohol-based 
    • Other Home Scents
  • Aging & Storing Blends
  • Product Safety & Compliance
Chapter 5: The Fragrance Business 
  • Starting Your Brand Preview
Resource Section
  • Course Handouts and DOWNLOADABLE Calculators
  • FAQ / Suppliers

What's in the Kit? (Pay only Php2,750; Valued at Php3,000) 
The kit includes basically all the materials you'll need to create your initial blends of fragrances. You can also opt to use your own materials if you already have.

  • 15 pcs.  Assorted 5ml Fragrances & Essential Oils
  • 15 pcs. Bottle for 10ml Oils
  • 1 pc. Ethyl Alcohol (500ml)
  • 1 pc. Dipropylene Glycol Moisturizer (120ml)
  • 1 pc. 10ml Perfume Bottle
  • 2 pc. 50ml Plastic Bottle for Room Sprays & Colognes
  • 10 pics. BC Fragrance Labels
  • 20 pcs. Pipettes
  • 50 pcs. Blotters

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