5ml Elemi (Canarium Luzonicum)
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5ml Elemi (Canarium Luzonicum)

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Known as Manila Elemi, the Essential Oil comes from a native tree of the Philippines, Canarium luzonicum.

Product Name: Elemi Essential Oil
Scientific Name: Canarium luzonicum
Extraction Method: Distillation
Part of Plant Used: Resin
Restrictions: 1% limit on rinse off products; up to 3% on single use per day products

Our Elemi Essential Oil (Canarium luzonicum) is locally harvested and distilled in the Philippines. The resin is wildcrafted in the southern regions of Luzon. Commonly termed as "Manila Elemi," the sap coming from Canarium trees, produce the Elemi Essential Oil. According to farmers, Canarium luzonicum trees were the main source of extracts in the past. We have an in-house distillation equipment that extracts the essential oil. The result is a fresh, lemony and spicy smelling essential oil perfect for blending with other oils.

Currently the demand for Elemi Essential Oil is mostly from the perfume industry, owing to its unique characteristics and complexity. Here in the Philippines, it is slowly gaining popularity as well because of its excellent benefits to facial skin.

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