2-day Artisan Perfumery Workshop (APF Level 1 Certification)
2-day Artisan Perfumery Workshop (APF Level 1 Certification)
2-day Artisan Perfumery Workshop (APF Level 1 Certification)
2-day Artisan Perfumery Workshop (APF Level 1 Certification)
2-day Artisan Perfumery Workshop (APF Level 1 Certification)
2-day Artisan Perfumery Workshop (APF Level 1 Certification)
2-day Artisan Perfumery Workshop (APF Level 1 Certification)
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2-day Artisan Perfumery Workshop (APF Level 1 Certification)

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July 20 and 21, 2024 Workshop is already FULL.
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This practical, hands-on, and intensive workshop will teach you the basic and advanced terminologies & techniques in perfumery. You will learn proper smelling, identifying natural & synthetic materials, different fragrance formulations, and the fragrance families. Additionally, you'll create your own unique fragrance blend through a structured scent design & development process.

This workshop is structured around industry-based techniques and fosters your intuition to lead you to create a fragrance unique to your intended applications. It's an excellent starting class for those who wish to start their own perfume or home fragrance business.

This Course is equivalent to the APF Level 1 Course (Additional Fee for Certification)

Upon successful completion of this course, you'll have the option to take an additional certification exam to receive an APF Level 1 certificate and lapel pin, adding professional credibility to your skills.

 (Learn more about APF Level 1 here)

BEFORE ENROLLING IN THIS WORKSHOP, please take note of these considerations:

  • The course fee includes all materials to be used during the 2-day workshop. This includes access to over 80 materials, bottles, bases, and more. 
  • This workshop will be held in-person at The Scent Studio (SM North Towers). Please note that meals and transportation to The Scent Studio is not included in the course fee.
  • A Certificate of Completion will be given to attendees
  • APF Level 1 Certification Exam available as an add-on
  • You DO NOT NEED to take the Fragrance101 Workshop prior to attending this course.
  • Maximum of 6 students only; NO WALK-INS ALLOWED.


Day 1: 1pm to 6pm

  1. Introduction to Perfumery and Basic Terminologies

    • Understand essential terms used in the fragrance industry.
    • Explore different olfactory groups and how they contribute to fragrance creation.
  2. Basic Fragrance Formulations and Product Applications

    • Learn various fragrance product formulations, their differences, as well as product applications for scents. 
  3. Olfactory Groups and Exploring the Fragrance Wheel

    • Discover how to use the fragrance wheel and explore classifications of fragrances
  4. Smelling & Evaluating Materials

    • Identify and differentiate between natural and synthetic materials.
    • Learn proper techniques for smelling and evaluating fragrance materials.
  5. Fragrance Creation Steplist (Homework for Day 2)

    • Preview of Day 2 activities
    • Understand the step-by-step process of creating a fragrance.

Day 2: 1pm to 6pm

  1. The Fragrance Creation Process

    • Study the evolution of classical and modern perfumes.
    • Understand the top, middle, and bottom notes of perfumes
    • Learn the Jean Carles Method
    • Preview on Accords (Chypre, Fougere)
  2. Creating Your Fragrance Blend

    • Develop the skills to craft your own unique fragrance blend.
    • Receive guidance on creating themed personal brand fragrances.
    • Learn about the sillage (range) and longevity (retention time) of perfumes.
  3. Creating Your Perfume

    • Participate in a simulation launch of a personal perfume brand and products.
    • Gain insights into international and local perfume brands and the world's top manufacturers.
  4. Creating Your Cologne / Room Spray

    • Gain practical experience and apply the knowledge learned in making your own perfume and cologne.
  5. Product Presentations

    • Present your created products.
    • Engage in discussions and receive feedback.
  6. FAQs

    • Address any questions or concerns about the workshop content and perfumery.

Fee inclusions:

• Total of 12 hours of class
• Take home course manual
Materials to be used in the workshop (access to over 80 materials including fragrance oils, essential oils, selected plant- based botanicals)
• Take home your products & blends
• No meals included
• Certificate of Completion
• Online Resource Access EXCLUSIVE for attendees including list of suppliers, reprintable templates, useful links, how to videos, etc
• Access to the EXCLUSIVE ScentrePinoy Facebook Community

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