[PRE-ORDER Arriving Feb. 21] Carthusia Eau de Parfum (50ml) - Multiple Scents
[PRE-ORDER Arriving Feb. 21] Carthusia Eau de Parfum (50ml) - Multiple Scents
[PRE-ORDER Arriving Feb. 21] Carthusia Eau de Parfum (50ml) - Multiple Scents
[PRE-ORDER Arriving Feb. 21] Carthusia Eau de Parfum (50ml) - Multiple Scents
[PRE-ORDER Arriving Feb. 21] Carthusia Eau de Parfum (50ml) - Multiple Scents
[PRE-ORDER Arriving Feb. 21] Carthusia Eau de Parfum (50ml) - Multiple Scents
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[PRE-ORDER Arriving Feb. 21] Carthusia Eau de Parfum (50ml) - Multiple Scents

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Size and Concentration:

  • 50ml
  • Eau de Parfum

Brand: Carthusia

The story of Carthusia, a renowned perfume house, intertwines legend and history. According to legend, in 1380, the Father Prior of the Carthusian Monastery of St. Giacomo on Capri crafted a unique flower arrangement for Queen Giovanna D'Angio's visit. After not changing the water for three days, he discovered it had developed a novel fragrance, attributed to the "Garofilium Silvestre Caprese". This incident is considered the origin of the first perfume of Capri.

Historically, the rebirth of Carthusia's fragrances is traced to 1948 when the Prior of the Monastery uncovered ancient perfume formulas. With the Pope's permission, these formulas were shared with a chemist from Torino, leading to the establishment of Carthusia, named after "Certosa", the Italian for charterhouse, symbolizing the small, exclusive laboratory where these scents were recreated.

Carthusia continues this tradition, prioritizing limited production to maintain the quality and authenticity of their products. Ingredients are high-quality and genuine, with each product hand-wrapped. Men's fragrances are distinguished by the essence of rosemary from Monte Solaro, while women's perfumes feature the essence of Capri's wild carnation.

The designer house boasts 22 perfumes, with creations spanning from 1948 to 2017, developed in collaboration with perfumers like Luca Maffei, marking Carthusia not only as a bearer of historical and artisanal heritage but also as a continuous innovator in the fragrance industry.


Born from nature and from the sea that bathes the shores of the Blue Island.

This fragrance combines scented woods, aromatic herbs, flowers and fruits, giving it a sensuality of rare intensity. Corallium is not a simple perfume, but a refreshing essence, a very valuable fragrance born from the sea, created to impress.

Fiori di Capri
The refined floral notes deriving from the lily of the valley and wild carnation blend together with the enigmatic allure of sandalwood, ylang-ylang and oak.The first Carthusia fragrance ever. The Mediterranean tones of wild carnation, lily of the valley and oak come together with the exotic aroma of amber, sandalwood and of ylang-ylang in a fascinating melange, both joyful and unforgettable.


The freshness of lemon mixes with the sparkling notes of green tea, white musk and cardamom to create a sun-filled and dynamic fragrance that evokes the magic of Capri Island. Dedicated to the cradle of all the great civilizations of Europe, Africa

and Asia, Mediterranean is a sunny fragrance, original yet versatile, which blends the classical pristine freshness of lemon leaves with the youthful and sparkling tones of green tea.


A fragrance characterized by a strong essence of incense, typical of the old military and ecclesiastical circles that inspired the fragrance. A bouquet of scents of great charm and character, able to seduce and conquer. Gender: Man


The horizon is blue. Bergamot, sunny and bright, meets Rosemary. Aromatic, occasionally pungent. Salt is on the skin, crystallized. A plunge is refreshing, leaving room to what is new. Mint Leaves, green tender smoothness. Hidden energy. Now the vision is fulfilled, the horizon complete. Cedarwood and Guaiac, a precious forest, protect Patchouly and Musk incoming gifts from faraway lands. The magic of the tale is complete, all around. A'MMARE is its echo.

Terra Mia

It is a brand new “gourmande” combination of emotions and intense bouquet, which finds its ultimate expression in the tradition of a land rich in sun and in persistent raw materials.In Terra Mia the sweetness of coffee is combined with hazelnut, vanilla, neroli and pink pepper.

The Neapolitan artist Lello Esposito created and designed for Carthusia an exclusive Pulcinella that gives to the packaging and to the communication of this newborn original fragrance a new face.

Memories of velvety and enveloping perfumes that taste as good as hazelnut and coffee, deeply entwined with orange blossom, pink pepper and jasmin. And a deep, ancient tradition, watching the sea and listening earth echoes, our passion, Terra Mia.


Source of product: Directly sourced from one of Carthusia's Asia Distributors
100% Authentic. Moneyback Guarantee.

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