THE STUDIO IS NOW OPEN FOR WALK-INS! Get a FREE Cologne for every Php1,000 purchase!
THE STUDIO IS NOW OPEN FOR WALK-INS! Get a FREE Cologne for every Php1,000 purchase!
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Basic Soap Making Workshop (September 25 & 26)
BC Scent Studio

Basic Soap Making Workshop (September 25 & 26)

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Enrollment closes September 20 (Provincial); September 23 (Metro Manila)

In this 2-part session, learn the basic process of making cold processed soap from theory & chemistry of soap, formulations, product safety, troubleshooting, sourcing, and of course, a hands-on soap making session. The soap you will be able to make using the cold-processed way is the simplest and purest form of creating a true soap.

Enrollees will also get a BASIC SOAP MAKING KIT (valued at Php4,000)
+ FREE access to the Basic Fragrance Blending Principles Webinar Replay (worth Php2,000)!


What you'll learn

 Learn how to make natural soap bars from scratch using the Cold-Process (CP) method.
✅ Learn to formulate your own soap recipes with the easy-to-find ingredients.
✅ Grasp some intermediate and advanced soap-making techniques like how to create layered soaps or soaps made with honey or milk
✅ Learn how to cure and when to cut soap bars.
✅ Calculate the volume of various soap molds in order to determine how much soap you need to make to fill them.

 Understand safety precautions when making homemade soap.
✅ Use natural colourants, essential oils, fragrances, dyes and other active ingredients.
✅ Learn how to use and clean materials and kitchen equipment in your home properly, so that it is safe to use for both food and soap-making.
✅ FREE ACCESS to the Basic Fragrance 
Blending Principles Webinar Replay (worth Php2,000!)


Who is this course for?

  • Beginners who do not have background knowledge on soap making.
  • People looking for a new, creative and affordable hobby and want to learn everything they need to know about soap making in one comprehensive workshop.
  • Melt-and-pour soapers who are looking for a new challenge, and are ready to start working with lye to make their soaps from scratch.
  • Vegans who want to learn how to make plant-based soaps in order to replace some of their cosmetics. 
  • Entrepreneurs and artisans with a desire to start a natural cosmetics or natural soap business.
  • Zero-waste advocates who want make their own cosmetic products to reduce the packaging waste in their own lives.

The Soap Making Workshop Kit (worth Php4,000)
The materials in the kit are included in the workshop fee. 
FREE Shipping for Metro Manila addresses. Additional Php300 for all provincial addresses in the Philippines. We do not ship kits out of the Philippines yet. 

Basic Soap Making Kit
1 silicon soap mold (500g capacity)
1 silicon spatula
1 whisk
1 50ml glass beaker

Materials You'll Need to Prepare
Safety equipment: long-sleeve clothing; protective gloves; safety mask; safety glasses
Equipment (Optional): Kitchen scale, electric blender

Raw ingredients:
300ml Very Bubbly Blend Carrier Oil
300ml Sensitive Skin Blend Carrier Oil
4 packs of premeasured Lye
50ml Sodium Lactate
50ml Aloe Vera Extract
30 grams Kaolin Clay
30 grams Colloidal Oatmeal
30ml Lavender Fragrance
Sample mica (to color soap)

Workshop Schedule

The workshop is divided into 2 Separate sessions for students to have a longer time to digest and truly understand the concepts & information on Soap making.
Day 1 - September 25 (Sat)
Lecture on the following topics:

• The Chemistry of soap
• Carrier Oil Lipid Profile
• How to Formulate a Balanced Soap
• Using Lye Calculator
• Soap Making Safety
Day 2 - September 26 (Sun)
Soap Making Process

• Hands of Soap Making
• Troubleshooting
• Sourcing Materials & Methods
• Question & Answer Portion

About your Instructor

Mary Pilares of The Soapranos has been making cold processed soap locally since 2017. Local patrons seek her soap for their quality and scent. BC Fragrance has been one of The Soapranos' main fragrance suppliers since the beginning.

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